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FTP Access for Members: FTP Sites have been set up for subcommittee members to facilitate the exchange of large, formatted documents. Accessed via the "ftp" link on the Subcommittees page, you will be prompted for your password to enter the ftp site. Using your Netscape browser, you will be able to upload documents to the directory. When logged onto the ftp site, you will notice that your "upload file" command is enabled in your Netscape "File" menu item at the top of your screen. Simply choose the upload option and browse your local drive for a file you would like to upload. (One can also drag and drop documents directly into the FTP directory.)

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Adobe Acrobat Sometimes referred to as "PDF" files


Visio Currently, Visio Corporation does not provide a utility for viewing Visio drawings and diagrams outside of a Visio drawing product.
Corel Draw Needed in special cases only.

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